LOVE Gardening! But it is hard to maintain it. Why?

We often love to do gardening┬ábut It is not a simple job to maintain all plants with proper cultivation and need to look after for insects and bugs, they are quite common. And our daily visitor’s butterflies and birds will visit the gardens and enjoy their food. But the unknown thing about gardening is Grass with seeds, which are also a grass plant in the gardens. Where they take the fertile of the land and utilise for its cultivation.

We know that birds need food, this particular plant seeds attract them and for other small creatures. These trees even give shelter for other creatures such as finches as well skinks.

If we have more grass plants they are a chance of attracting birds, butterflies, and many more can be seen in your backyard. In Australia, you will more often see the wallaby grass, weeping grass, tussock grass, and Kangaroo grass, where they provide food for parrots insect, larva, wallaby finches as well as skinks, wombats and so on.

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