Cattle Crushes

Backyard Buddies manufacture Cattle Crushes  to meet all OH&S and the Codes of Practice for Animal Welfare.
The Backyard Buddies cattle crushes have a range of features designed to reduce stress on the animal and provide a safe and efficient work place.
Manufactured from Australian steel and fully hot dip galvanised after manufacture the Backyard Buddies cattle crush is built to last a lifetime. The Backyard Buddies cattle crush has the option for the headbail (available seperately) to be operated from multiple locations if required. The quick release chin lifter either side or both sides of the cattle crush
Fitted with slam catches on all gates and having split gates on both sites, front and back (sheeted lower gates give protection from kicking) make the Gribben portable cattle crush  and heavy duty Permanent cattle crush a favourite with the vets and handlers alike.

When used in conjunction with the Gribben Cattle yards, Stock loading ramps and drafters the Backyard Buddies Livestock handling equipment has been proven to increase stock handling efficiency.