Transplanting Service

I use large palms and trees to build palm and rainforest landscapes and can mass plant multiple species to create natural and interesting scapes.

Plant features and screens can be built to provide privacy protection from neighbours, road noise and traffic, and can provide shade, and temperature reduction, and make your garden more interesting, attractive, and user friendly.

I salvage and recycle palms and transplant and deliver them at fantastic prices

I am happy to transplant and move your own palms and trees as required.

I can provide feature plants as required.

I work closely with the client to select the right plants for the job and to install them suitably.

TRANSPLANTING SERVICE – A transplanted plant needs to be moved with a large undamaged root ball. to produce a healthy plant at the end of the process. We have the right equipment and skills to achieve this outcome.

HOW BIG – I have transplanted anything from clumps of bromeliads to huge canary palms, and fig trees.

PLANT RELOCATION – Using a crane truck I lift, transport, and deliver plants.

PLANT SALVAGE – I salvage plants from private gardens, demolition sites and wherever I can to save great plants from being destroyed.

PLANT RECYCLERS – Recycled plants are a cheap way to add great new plants to your garden, and environmentally friendly too.

PALM TRADING – Palms and plants for sale. If you require a particular type and size plant, I may be able to find it for you.

PALMS WANTED – date palm, canary palm, triangle palm, golden cane palm, cabbage palm, livistona palm ponytail palm, cycads, bottle trees, pandanus, yuccas, agaves and anything interesting.

PRICE – transplanting your own plant is a fraction of the price of buying a new one.

PALM REMOVAL – I remove palms and trees and stumpgrind.

My MISSION is to RESCUE quality plants from DESTRUCTION.

I supply deliver and plant mature FEATURE PLANTS like canary palms.

I build large GREEN PRIVACY SCREENS of golden cane palms or similar, taller than 4 meters.

I build instant RAINFORESTS.

MOVING – take your valuable plants with you.

RENOVATING – move that great plant to a better spot, don’t kill it.