garden pests in Australia

Common Garden Pests and Diseases in Australia

Many gardeners will be surprised to know that they’ve got some common garden pests in Australia. These insects are harmless to humans but can wreak havoc on your plants. Thankfully, you can get rid of some of these pests by following a few simple tips. Here are some of the more common ones. These insects can cause havoc in your gardens, so make sure you take care of them quickly and effectively.

  • Aphids – These pear-shaped insects have long antennae and a pair of abdominal tubes called cornicles. They feed on the roots of live plants and are most destructive around Christmas time. Aphids can be controlled with systemic insecticides and garlic spray. Slugs – Another common garden pest in Australia – live on plants and reproduce quickly. You can use protective row covers and even attract birds to your garden.
  • Aphids – While Aphids are not dangerous, if left untreated, they can breed in your garden and become a serious problem. They will eat your crops and may even damage your house. These pests are similar to Termites but are much smaller than their names. These insects swarm in the spring and will stop swarming after they eat all of the crops. However, if you see the pests before they get a chance to grow, you can control them by getting rid of them before they get out of control.
  • The most common garden pests in Australia are thrips. These tiny insects are microscopic and live in plant roots. They stunt plant growth and kill plants. They can wreak havoc on many important crops in Australia. If you suspect you have a problem with thrips, you can buy blue and yellow sticky traps and sprinkle your garden with dormant oil to keep them away.
garden pests in Australia
  • Codling moths – A common garden pest in Australia, codling moths are white with a black head and a size of about a centimetre. The first generation emerges in early spring, after which the females lay eggs near the fruit, where the caterpillars feed. After hatching, the larvae form a cocoon in a hidden place, and the whole cycle begins all over again. Usually, there are two to three generations of these pests.
  • Slaters – Another common garden pest in Australia is the Christmas Beetle. The larvae live in the soil and feed on garden grassroots, while the adults eat the leaves and other parts of the plant. These insects generally feed on eucalypt specimens. Their shiny body colour can be reddish-brown or yellow. If you’re worried about swarming, use a short-lived organic pesticide.
  • Slugs – These slugs and snails are another common garden pest. A slug infestation can be devastating, especially if you don’t treat them quickly. They prefer moist and shady environments and can wreak havoc on your plants. If you don’t want to spend too much time squishing your garden, make a slug trap! This trap can be placed near plants that grow in moist and cool conditions. Alternatively, you can try spraying your plants with coffee.
  • Aphids – These creepy, pear-shaped insects live on plants. They feed on sap and excrete a sticky honeydew substance that attracts ants and promotes the growth of fungal diseases. You’ll also want to treat the aphids themselves, as they may carry disease to your plants. You can find them by observing their symptoms, including yellowed, wilted leaves, and black sooty fungus residue on plants.
  • Codling moth – A native Australian garden pest, this species feeds on the sap of citrus trees. As it grows, the larva feeds on the roots and leaves of plants, which weakens the trees and reduces their yield. Infestations can lead to branch dieback in a tree. As a result, it’s important to act quickly to protect your fruit and vegetables from this insect. If you can’t manage the pests in your garden, consider using a bio-insecticide such as Bacillus thuringiensis.

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